Providing transparency & protection for consumers, tradesmen & merchants

Warranted Tradesmen is designed to bring good, honest, reliable tradesmen together with good, honest customers.

For Consumers

The easiest & safest way to find or use a tradesman

  • tick Peace of Mind Know that you will get exactly what you expected with a great customer experience
  • tick Payment Protection Scheme You don’t release payment for the works until they are completed
  • tick Vetting & Monitoring Know your tradesperson is genuine
  • tick Free 5 year Warranty* All our warranties are backed by insurance and mirror the tradesman’s original guarantee period
  • tick Complaints Resolution Unlike others we are with you for the whole journey, your problems are our problems; if any issues arise we will step in and resolve them, saving you the headaches, heartaches and stress.
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For Tradesmen

The fastest and safest way to get paid for your work

  • tick Peace of Mind Know that you will be paid before you commit to a job by buying materials and doing the work
  • tick Guaranteed Payment The customer shows their commitment to you
  • tick Funding for Materials If required, we will advance to your Warranted Tradesmen MasterCard up to 30% of the contract value for the purchase of materials**.
  • tick Complaints Resolution We will step in to resolve any issues that arise, saving you time and money
  • tick Free Warranty Whatever the term of your guarantee, we will back it up for up to 5 years for free. For longer terms of up to 10 years (subject to contract value and acceptance) we can provide cover for an additional fee
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**Admin fee, capped at £30.00 applies

Safe and Protected

For consumers, know that when you use a tradesman, you get exactly what you expected; for the Tradesman be assured the customer has the money to pay.

Free 5 year warranty

We provide our customers with a free warranty which is Insurance backed for up to 5 years totally free of charge. The warranty period mirrors the original tradesman’s guarantee term

Guaranteed Payment

The customer releases payment for the works upon completion. Guaranteeing the tradesman gets paid in full and on time

Complaints Resolution

In the event of any complaints we will step in saving both consumer and tradesmen time and money.

Vetting and Monitoring

All our tradesmen are vetted and continually monitored, providing peace of mind for all

Funding for Materials

Should the tradesman require funding, for a small administration fee Warranted tradesmen will advance up to 30 % of the contract value for materials

Our Providers

Warranted Tradesmen use Barclays bank, MasterCard, PayPal, Experian, & Credit safe in order to provide a safe and transparent environment, ensuring protection for both consumers and tradesmen. Our processes eliminate both rogue traders and rogue customers, giving peace of mind to all, guaranteed!