Below you will find a summary of the most commonly asked questions, if you have a question that isn’t listed below, please contact us using the contact form, or [email protected]


Are all of the tradesmen Gas Safe registered?

All tradesmen that quote for jobs involving gas work will be Gas Safe registered.

What does it cost to use Warranted Tradesmen?

There is no cost to you, we recover a fee from the tradesmen once the job is completed.

What happens if I am not happy with the work that is completed?

Once a tradesmen marks your job as complete, you will have 5 days to inspect the work. If you know straight away that there are no problems, you have the option to mark the job as complete and release the funds to the tradesmen immediately, at this point you will be e-mailed your Warranted Tradesmen guarantee document.

If there are any problems with the work, in the first instance we ask that you contact the tradesmen, most minor problems can be quickly resolved. If you are not able to resolve the problem, for any reason, you can ask us to step in and help by placing the job into dispute.

Once the job is in dispute, your funds are frozen and will not be released to the tradesmen until we can verify that the work has been completed satisfactorily. We will work with you, and the tradesmen, and, if necessary, an RICS approved surveyor to asses the quality of the work. Where defects are found, the tradesmen will be required to correct them, or if they are not able to, another tradesmen will be appointed to correct the work.

What happens once I make payment?

Once you have made payment via Direct Debit, it is securely held in our ring fenced client account. It will remain covered by our 100% money back guarantee until the work has been completed satisfactorily by the tradesmen.

What payment methods are available?

All payments are processed by a one off Direct Debit payment. This means that you don’t have to share any card details with anybody and we don’t need to store your bank details either. All payments are fully covered by the Direct Debit guarantee, providing you will full protection at all times.

When do I need to make payment?

You will be prompted to make payment in full once you have accepted the quote from the tradesmen. Once payment is made we hold it securely for you until the work has been fully completed.

Who do I contact if I am concerned about Tradesmen behaviour on the job?

If you have any concerns relating to tradesmen conduct or behaviour and cannot resolve it with the tradesmen directly, please contact Warranted Tradesmen on 0345 257 0459.

Who do I contact if my tradesmen doesn’t arrive as scheduled?

If you tradesmen fails to arrive at the time arranged, either to view the job before quoting, or to start working having won the job. You first call would be to the tradesmen, if you cannot contact them or are unhappy with their response you can contact Warranted Tradesmen directly on 0345 257 0459.

You are also given the opportunity to leave feedback and ratings for the tradesmen, one of the areas they are rated on is punctuality.


Can we use our standard quotes?

Yes, when quoting the customer, you can choose to upload your own quote documents along with a brief summary.

How are complaints about a job resolved?

We all try to do our best, but there will always be times when a customer is unhappy. Fortunately, we have a comprehensive complaints resolution process to protect both consumers and tradesmen. Once a job has been completed by the tradesmen, the customer has 5 days to inspect the work before the payment is automatically released to the tradesmen (although they can release it immediately if they wish). Within this 5 day period, if the customer is unhappy with the work, they are encouraged to contact the tradesmen first. If you are unable to come to a resolution between you, the customer can ask us to step in and help.

We will work with the customer, tradesmen, and if required, an RICS approved surveyor to verify whether or not the work has been completed satisfactorily. If the work is found to be satisfactory there will be no cost to you. If defects are found in the work, you will be asked to correct them.

How does the cash advance work?

When you sign up with Warranted Tradesmen, you receive one of our Mastercard payment cards. When doing your work through Warranted Tradesmen, you are eligible to receive up to 30% of the value of the quote as a cash advance. This cash advance is loaded to your Warranted Tradesmen payment card and can be used to fund the purchase of materials at any of our approved merchants.

We already have accounts with national merchants, would using Warranted Tradesmen get us a bigger discount?

Yes! Using our cash advance and pre-paid payment cards mean that you will be a cash customer at the merchants. We have secured the best discounts available with our approved merchants.

We already supply an insurance back guarantee on our work, why use Warranted Tradesmen?

Even if you already supply your own IBG on your work, there are still ways you can benefit from using Warranted Tradesmen.

  • Use our cash advance system for maximum discount at the merchants
  • Use our IBG instead of paying for your own
  • Use our unique payment system for full protection for you and your customer
  • Stand out from your competitors and ‘rouge traders’
What does it cost to use Warranted Tradesmen?

The costs of Warranted Tradesmen membership are:

  • £14.99(+ VAT) per month, after the 3 month free trial
  • £19.99(+ VAT) per job that you complete when quoting your own customer
  • £39.99(+ VAT) per job that you complete from one of our consumer leads
  • £9.16 – £27.50 per cash advance, if you choose to use this service

If you quote for a job and for any reason it doesn’t result in a completed job, there is no fee to pay.

When will I receive payment for completed work?

Once you have completed the work, login to your Warranted Tradesmen account and mark the job as complete. Once you have marked it as complete, the consumer has 5 days to inspect the work. They can either release the payment immediately, or after the 5 days if no action is taken it will be automatically released. You can view your current balance from your Warranted Tradesmen dashboard, this balance will be transferred to your bank account at the end of each day.