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Putting your jobs through Warranted Tradesmen will provide you with peace of mind, protection & added credibility

  • Know your customer has the money to pay for the work before you buy materials and actually do the work
  • Guaranteed payment on time and in full
  • We back your guarantee of your work with our own warranty, which is insurance backed
  • Raise your company profile overnight helping you to win more work
  • In the event of any complaints we will step in to resolve them, saving you time and money

Using Warranted Tradesmen provides you with added credibility helping you to win more work

The Online Organiser

The Online Organiser is designed to help you with your business. It works so you don’t have to, providing you with valuable information on how your business is doing.

Profile Page

This is your business profile. The customer will see this when you provide them with a quote. It contains details of your business and shows what your previous customers thought of your service.

Feedback & Ratings From Customers

This shows you how your business is doing and what your customers thought of your service. Your future customers will see this, in turn helping you to win more work.


Send your guarantees electronically, direct to your customer.


Direct invoicing saves time, money and effort. This is all handled automatically. Upon completion of the job the invoice is sent directly to the customer.


You are able to send your quotations direct to your customers saving you time and money. You will also be able to see feedback from the customer as to why you won or lost the job.

Funding for Materials

In the event that cashflow is tight we are willing to advance, via the Warranted Tradesmen Ltd MasterCard, up to 30% of the contract value for the purchase of materials. There is an administration fee for this which is calculated on a sliding scale. The fee, together with the sum advanced, is payable upon completion of the works and when you get paid!

(example advance 30% admin fee £30.00 NO interest charges apply)

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Our Providers

Warranted Tradesmen use Barclays bank, MasterCard, PayPal, Experian, & Credit safe in order to provide a safe and transparent environment, ensuring protection for both consumers and tradesmen. Our processes eliminate both rogue traders and rogue customers, giving peace of mind to all, guaranteed!